Can Children Use WOWO’s Shampoo?

Wowo’s Pure Ginger Shampoo has been very popular among ladies recently. But, many ask this question:  “Can children use WOWO’s Pure Ginger Shampoo?”  The answer is, OF COURSE THEY CAN! Wowo’s Shampoo is made from ingredients that are mild and gentle to the skin and scalp, making it suitable for all, if not most hair […]

Are Hair Dryers Bad for our Hair?

According to Discovery Health, hair dryers that are commercially available are safe to use on our hair. However, there are risk for hair damage when mechanical manipulations are made to the dryer. So, how can we minimise the risk and damage?  Moving the dryer continuously when drying your hair helps to disperse the temperature such […]

Men VS Women hair

Is there a difference between male and female hair? Well, let’s find out!  Believe it or not, there is NO difference between the men and women hair. As men usually have their hair short, it is difficult to notice any natural shines or textures in their hair. If males had long hair, you would also […]

How to clean your hairbrush?

A brush that is used everyday and gets proper maintenance should last for 1-3 years.  What You Need Brush, comb, toothbrush, glass bowl large enough to fit brush, gentle shampoo, towel  Steps Perform daily maintenance Every time there is hair on your brush, remove it by holding the brush in one hand and grabbing a […]

Pure Ginger Shampoo?

WOWO’s Pure Ginger Shampoo is highly concentrated and has a low foam ratio of 1:3 as compared to other shampoos. More than 40% of the shampoo contains pure ginger extract which reaps many benefits.  1. Scalp blood circulation  2. Stimulates hair follicle cells that promote hair growth  3. Provides oil control to inhibit growth hair […]

Why do I have FRIZZY Hair?

Are you experiencing frizzy hair but don’t know whats the cause of it and how to save your hair? Well, here’s the answer!  So, what is FRIZZ?  When the cuticle layer of your hair is raised, FRIZZ occurs as it moisture is allowed to pass through and swell the strands. This results in your hair becoming […]