Franchise & Business Opportunity

SG Stem Cell provides a low-cost, low-risk yet simple opportunity for anyone to start their own business with our exclusive products. If you’re willing to put in the time, effort and hard work, the SG Stem Cell experience can lead to more financial opportunity, flexibility, and freedom to determine your own path.

Opportunity-PurtierRecognizing that successful franchisees are the cornerstone of a successful company, SG Stem Cell remains focused on helping franchisees grow their business. This is achieved by providing tools and support mechanisms our franchisees need to deliver quality product and services to their customers.

With our proven business model and quality product, is an award-winning franchiser. We adopted an open culture, which embraces new business ideas, innovation, and franchise support opportunities.

As a potential franchisee, you need to find a Right market with a High Demand!

Health business is probably the best business to start not just in Singapore, but all over the world. This is because there is a universal need for general wellness and preventive healthcare, and it is the most important thing in life, lose your health, lose your life.

As a result, we believe in our Business Opportunity that everybody can be a potential customer, results from satisfied users and platform distribution lines for the product.


SG Stem Cell is looking for individuals with the ability to manage time, motivate & train people, have the willingness to complete a comprehensive training program and their devote full time to operating the business. If you feel you have these qualities SG Stem Cell may be right for you.

If you are new to distribution business, we suggest you speak with us about your goals before jumping into any business opportunity.


China’s Richest Man Jack Ma said, “The next person to surpass me will definitely appear from the Health Industry.”

There is no health industry 20 years ago, currently the health industry has one of the biggest potential to become an industry that dominates the world. In China, the reality of deteriorating health has created more public awareness to know the importance of health. Looking positive about opportunities which can thrive for health management and service industries. When there are problems, there are opportunities. In the next 10 years, people who are spending on health products will grow exponentially, creating more millionaires in the process and result in a trillion dollars value market.

Jack Ma also said that 3 types of Cancer will affect many families over the next 10 years and the worrying issue will be costly medical expenses and financial crisis.

The 3 types of Cancer are Liver Cancer, Lung Cancer and Stomach Cancer. Causes of Liver cancer could be due to the quality of water we drink, Lung cancer could be due to the air we breathe and lastly, Stomach cancer due to the food we consume. Cancer seems to be unheard of 30 years ago, but today, it has become a common name where we do know people around us suffering and died of these diseases.

Which bed is most expensive in the world we live today?
– Sick Bed

You can hire someone alert to drive your beautiful car, someone smart to work for your multi-million dollars company, someone comfortable to rent your excellent property. But, you can never hire somebody to be sick on behalf of your own body.

What is the one thing you can never get it back if it’s lost?
– that is your life.


Most people in their last few years of life, spent all their savings hoping to regain back their health, took all the medicine in this world even it though it has side effects, went into the operating theater several times, left a huge debt of medical bill to their family and children and died.

Don’t regret about what you’ve lost, appreciate your present and future does exist.