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Silicon oil can be found in majority of our hair care products?

Silicones coat the hair in a plastic like substance which sits on the hair’s surface giving the appearance of silky soft and smooth hair.

Silicones are an essential ingredient in products such as conditioners, as this is what produces the desired effect of tangle free, shiny hair, but appearances can be deceiving. Just because your hair looks and feels silky soft, shiny and healthy after using a silicone products, doesn’t mean it actually it. Lo

Why Is Silicone Bad For Our Hair?

As a hair conditioner is a stable part of any girls beauty routine, over time the silicones found within your conditioner will begin to leave a silicone buildup in the hair.

This plastic coating which is now sitting on your hair will begin to weigh your hair down, causing it to become limp, lifeless and dull. Not only this, the plastic like coating will also prevent moisture from penetrating the hair shaft, so any healthy haircare products you are applying are not being able to break through the silicone shield that is now sitting your hair and worst still, the coating will act like a magnet for dirt and other ingredients.

WoWo Ginger Shampoo is a natural pure Ginger Shampoo. It has the most effective natural solution to prevent hair loss, to strengthen your hair and to bid goodbye to dandruff !


Wowo Pure Ginger Shampoo

ZERO Silicon oil
ZERO Artificial colouring
ZERO Mineral oil
ZERO Petroleum-based surfactant
ZERO Animal based ingredients
ZERO Paraben

Our products, HSA Singapore Approved, SGS, CE Certified
100% Customer Satisfaction
100% Natural with NO Chemicals & Additives


Wowo Ginger Shampoo is made of 100% pure ginger. It effectively cleanse off the silicone oil stuck on our hair scalp/hair follicle accumulated over years. When cleansed, our hair then can start absorb ming nutrients, making our hair stronger. Therefore, reduces hair loss, promote hair growth and helps with oily/itchy/dandruff scalp.

Ginger stimulates hair follicles, promotes healthy hair growth, it can compensate for the natural hair fall.

It’s low foaming shampoo!
The shampoo has fine foam and super concentrated. It’s ratio to other shampoo is 1:3! It helps to get rid of wind as it contains more than 40% of pure ginger.


1. Scalp blood circulation
2. Stimulates hair follicle cells to promote hair growth
3. Provides oil control to inhibit growth hair oil
4. Anti- hair loss
5. Anti-dandruff

6. Dryness

For black hair regrowth, white/grey hair;

Wowo has 0 silicone oil, and more than 40% of pure ginger extract.

It stimulates blood circulation, stimulates hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth!

Wowo shampoo consist of high Vitamin H, Biotin. Low biotin leads to white hair growth, biotin vitamins effectively grows black healthy hair, consistent usage of Wowo ginger shampoo nourishes biotin, naturally black hair will be grown out from our healthy hair scalp.

When the scalp pores are blocked with oil, nutrients are hard to absorb, they die & drop off. when block & no nutrients, new hair can’t grow out too, don’t you think so?

With weak hair follicles, the hair drop even more. When stucked, it will block our hair scalp causing hair not able to absorb nutrients, therefore hair dies and drop. It’s just like plant, wither and dies, don’t you agree?

Shampoo ingredients: (300ml)
1) Pure ginger
– Stimulates hair follicles and promote hair growth, reduce hair loss, reduce dandruff and inflammation, prevent cold and flu
2) Jojoba Oil
– Restore and moisture dry hair to ease split ends and breakage of hair
3) Avocado
– Regulate hair oil to minimise bacterial growth,
– Provide scalp protein and vitamin
4) Wheat germ protein
–  Effectively repairs damaged hair and supply additional nutrients to hair and give healthy and silky look

Nutrition Hair Mask (150ml, highly concentrated)
– made of natural ingredients which gives our hair nutrients, hydrates our hair.
– Get healthy, soft and silky hair without silicone oil.
– Repair dry and damaged hair due to the drying environmental factors. eg: UV-Ray
– Repair fizziness, splits ends, entangle hair and dullness
– With natural fragrance similar to coco Chanel

Hair mask ingredients:
1) Jojoba Oil
– Strengthen and Moisture hair to prevent splits ends, breakage and dryness
2) Wheat Germ Protein
– Repairs damaged hair and supply additional nutrients to hair and give healthy and silky look
3) Seaweed extract
– Help to restore shine, promote healthy hair growth and to reduce scalp inflammation caused by bacteria
4)Vitamin E
– Act as a antioxidant and give protection to prevent tissue corrosion as well as help in repairing damaged hair follicles
– Provide protein and vitamin to strengthen hair
6) Collagen
– Support and give hair healthy moisture, repairs dry and brittles hair, preventing breakage of hair

Hair Essential Oil (100ml)
– rapidly repairs dry and damaged hair, give silky and soft touch

– Strengthening and preventing split ends of the hair from the external, hydrates and moisturises

– Act as a Sun protector to protect our hair from UV Rays.

– With coco Chanel fragrance

HEO ingredients :
1. Rose oil from Europe
– using rose oil for hair to keep the hair moistured and prevent from dehydration.

2. Olive oil
– effectively bring moisture back to the hair, leaving it healthy looking & shinny

3. Juniperus communis oil
– is a valuable tonic for the hair and scalp it helps in promoting hair growth and improve the texture Of the hair.

4. Citrus Skin oil
– contains great benefits for the kidneys, reducing cellulite retaining skin elasticity and provide antiseptic goodness for scalp.
[11:41 PM, 3/21/2018] Janelle Tan: Our hair mask (conditioner) is made of natural ingredients which gives our hair nutrients, hydrates our hair… –> healthy, soft and silky hair without silicone oil.

Our hair essential oil rapidly repairs our hair from the external, hydrates and moisturizes. It also protects our hair from UV Rays.

They work in a set. Wowo Ginger Shampoo cleanse our hair scalp, our hair mask repair and nourish. Our essential oil rapidly hydrates & moisture on the external. When hair scalp is cleaned and unblock, it absorbs easily. Just like our face, we need to cleanse then apply moisturizer and toner.